Spinal Stenosis Treatment in Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Charleston

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At Joints in Motion, we have treatmed many patients with the condition of lumbar spinal stenosis. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for back pain in those over 60. Unfortunately, it is also the most common reason patients get low back surgery, but surgery does not always have to be […]

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Sciatica Treatment in Goose Creek, Charleston, Mount Pleasant

Sciatica Treatment in Charleston, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant

Sciatica is a huge problem. It can completely disrupt your life. It can limit you from all the activities you love to do because it can be painful to sit, stand, walk, sleep, or all of the above. It can be scary because it may seem like nothing you do is helping, or you may […]

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    If you are looking for frozen shoulder treatment in Charleston, Goose Creek, or Mount Pleasant, the information below will help you make a better decision, as well as help you avoid unnecessary and expensive healthcare treatment !!!! “My arm just keeps getting stiffer”.  “I can’t raise my arm over my head”  We hear patients […]

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Chronic Pain Specialists In Charleston

Do You Struggle with Chronic Pain or Been Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and live in the Charleston, Goose Creek or Mt. Pleasant Area?  This Information May Benefit You:  Do you feel like pain is something you struggle with on a daily basis? Have you dealt with pain for a long time and no matter how hard […]

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Introducing RunHab Charleston

Important Announcement Time! If You Are A Runner In Charleston, Goose Creek, or Mount Pleasant We Are The Running Experts You Need To SeeAq We have a new program at Joints in Motion that is geared specifically towards runners.  We call it Runhab Charleston!  As part of the Joints in Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness, […]

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Arthritis Treatment in Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Charleston

Treatment of Knee Arthritis in Charleston, Goose Creek, and Mount Pleasant

Staying Active with Knee Arthritis?  If you are in the Charleston, Goose Creek, or Mount Pleasant area THIS following information is for YOU!!! As physical therapists, we often hear our patients tell us that their knee arthritis keeps them from doing the activities they love. “I used to be a runner before my knee osteoarthritis […]

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