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"I had my best physical therapy experience with the crew at Joints In Motion. This was my 5th knee surgery and 3rd place of treatment. And by far the best place I’ve been. I would highly recommend them to anyone. "
May 02, 2021
"Adam at Joints in Motion is my go-to therapist to once again get me back to tennis. He's seen me through hip replacement, Guillain- Barre, falls, and, this time, plantar fasciitis. With skill and humor, he always manages to get me back to playing. He is nothing short of the best! Thank you once again, Adam. You didn't let me down. P. S. I am in my 70's, so this is not a given.)"
Apr 09, 2021
"I was referred to Adam and his practice by my doctor, who had also been treated by Adam previously. He has treated me for several injuries/conditions over the last several years. Of all the physical therapist practices I have interacted with previously, I have found that Adam and his approach to treatment is by far the most wide ranging that I have experienced. He is very knowledgeable and goes far beyond the "typical" treatments I have encountered in the past from other PT practices. From varied person treatments to targeted at home exercises, I found that Adam attacked the rehabilitation process from multiple angles to get the best results. He is very receptive to questions about the techniques used and explains the processes behind them very well . I would highly recommend Adam and his practice for anyone seeking physical therapy for injuries or rehabilitation. "
Mar 19, 2021
"I have truly been impressed by Joints in Motion. Jack has worked with me for many months and has had patience with me above and beyond. I made wonderful progress and will definitely recommend them to anyone needing PT services. Their entire staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable and you can’t go wrong with them!"
Mar 10, 2021
" What a great experience I had with Joints in Motion. The staff is great and very educational. I learned to improve strength in my quads and hamstrings to prevent future injuries and to keep body strong. All I learned will be very beneficial to my life. "
Feb 12, 2021
"I finally got around to having my knee replaced last June. Usually you have a PT person come to your house for the first couple of times after surgery, but due to COVID no one would come. I ended up starting my recovery process late. I chose Joints in Motion because so many of my friends had used them. I was told to ask for Jack, and I was not disappointed. For the last 4 months he has worked with me twice a week, and today I finished my physical therapy part of my recovery process. This could never of happened without the help and encouragement of Jack my physical therapist. I understand why everyone had recommended Jack to me. He is kind, knowledgeable and very personable. He treats you with respect and knows your limits. I highly recommend this facility for any type of physical therapy needed, and ask for Jack. "
Oct 01, 2020
"I have had sessions with Adam at Joints in Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness just about from the time he opened his clinic in 2011. My orthopedic doctors/surgeons recommended him. They told me that Adam was knowledgeable, personable, ethical and was an all-round good guy. Sounded good to me, so I made my appointment. If anything, my doctors understated what Adam and his other therapists were all about. Each and everyone at Joints in Motion are friendly, courteous and goal oriented. Adam has worked on my shoulders, my knees, and my neck. My husband requested Adam after his hip replacement. The one-on-one hands-on therapy sometimes hurts, but he and his other therapists certainly know their business. They do whatever is needed to do to help you get better. They do not leave you to do exercises by yourself. They will work with you toward your goal, but you have to do your part in the therapy by doing the exercises at home, too. Area medical schools send some of their interns to do some training there. I have ALWAYS had a positive outcome and I will never go anywhere else!! I highly recommend Joints in Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness!!"
Aug 27, 2020
"Awesome place with caring therapist ."
Jun 25, 2020
"The care and consideration I received was excellent! I would go back there for help if needed again! Thank you all!"
Apr 27, 2020
"Excellent therapy! Adam and Matt take the time to listen to progress and concerns and perform evaluations and adapt/refine treatment during each visit. I’ve experienced a significant increase in range-of-motion and decrease in discomfort during the very short period of time since I began visiting this clinic. My specific therapy plan consists of hands-on therapy, dry-needling and at home exercises. I recently moved to S.C. and was a bit of a wreck from letting aches fester and ultimately cause more problems as I delayed a dreaded search for medical care. My neck, shoulder, arm, hand, lower back and hip (yes... a big growing list is what happens when you try to ignore physical problems) are all improving from symptoms ranging from aching to pain to throbbing to numbness. I’m very happy that a new friend recommended Joints-In-Motion to me! Five Stars for sure!!"
Feb 09, 2020
"My doctor sent me to Joints in Motion after a concussion. I was having lots of shoulder pain, migraines and balance issues. I worked with Jack and let me tell you he is amazing! I felt like none of my symptoms made sense and he explained everything to me and how all these parts work together and it finally made sense. Jack worked with me for almost 3 months and I finally got my balance back, I can look around now while I am walking without getting dizzy and feeling like I am going to fall. The whole team there is fabulous from your 1st visit you feel like family. I would highly recommend them to anyone. "
Oct 25, 2019
"I first went to Joints in Motion for a minor back/hip problem. In one session, Jack analyzed my minor issue correctly and gave me appropriate exercises which I chose to do at home. Unfortunately, I did not do them consistently. I returned a year later when pain and loss of full function returned. I was treated by Katie for several months until I "graduated." Now I have a knee issue and can't wait to return to get treatment - Katie's analysis and recommended exercises as well as the modifications I should make to my fitness routine ( yoga and water aerobics.) My husband has also been under Katie's care for the past year for neck and back issues and we both have been more than pleased! "
Sep 24, 2019
"After having rotator cuff surgery to repair 3 completely torn muscles in my left shoulder I began physical therapy at Joints In Motion in Goose Creek. Thanks to Katie Hicks and the staff at JIM after just 6 months of pt my shoulder is completely healed. I have 100% range of motion and have regained all my strength back in my shoulder. This is beyond any expectations I had prior to physical therapy. Thank You Katie for all you’ve done."
Jul 22, 2019
"I’ve been having pain, discomfort, soreness on my neck and both shoulder blades, mostly on my left side. Adam worked on me for my evaluation and first therapy session and I was feeling already better soon after. Can’t wait to go back. He is very knowledgeable and has wonderful bedside manners. He is a very pleasant person, and I trust his treatment 100%!! "
Dec 05, 2018


"My experience at Joints In Motion was perfect. Adam addressed all of my PT needs, while challenging me in new activities that improved strength and coordination. Shoulder stability and strength have vastly improved."

- Dominic L., Pitcher for the Saint Louis Cardinals

Dom L.

"I had a right hip replacement last January. After the surgery, I felt like a 97 pound weakling until Charles Atlas (Alias Adam Smith) came along and turned my atrophied glutes into KING KONG GLUTES. I am now going to compete for the Mr. South Carolina Title. Adam and his team are The Best!! Caring, knowledgeable, tough, and kind. When you need a physical therapist he is your man. As a result of my new and improved hip, my back issues (Degenerative Disc Disease) have diminished considerably. You too can have glutes like mine!!! Thank you, Adam"

- Fred B.

"When I first arrived after labrum surgery I wasn't able to move my right arm at all. My shoulder was locked up and I was facing down a relatively short timeline to heal before I would be med-boarded. Between Adam, Nicole, and Jack I not only beat my deadline but by 2 months! I was back doing everything I set out to do and back to weight lifting as well. I have full mobility in my right shoulder again and I can get back to work in the Coast Guard. Joints In Motion is a great place for healing and every visit was not only productive but also enjoyable. Thank you all! God Bless!"

- Roman K.

Roman K.

"I was referred to Adam at Joints in Motion several years ago, when I had severe pain from a back injury. As an active senior with multiple arthritic joints, I have since seen him for knee pain, foot pain, and most recently neck pain and stiffness. In every instance, I have recovered mobility and comfortable range of motion through Adam's manipulation, prescribed exercises, and encouragement.

My husband and I are avid travelers and because of the expertcare I have received, I can still work out, manage my own luggage on planes and walk miles in strange cities. For me, this is an ongoing process with my body and knowing I have an excellent physical therapist to help me, gives me confidence in my ability to recover from injury. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have Adam and his wonderful staff on my team.

Thank you, Joints in Motion, for being so caring, so thorough, and so professional! You know I'll be back, but hopefully not too soon."

- Susan W.

 Susan W.

"I am very pleased with the care I have received from Joints In Motion. Nicole is an excellent PT. She was able to relieve the pain I have dealt with for several years. My range of motion is much better. I have had treatment here in the past and will definitely come again if I need it in the future."

- Kathy R.

Kathy R.

"I began my treatment January 10th and to begin with I experienced lots of pain in my right knee from surgery. Since, with lots of good help from Nicole I have improved 100%. Today is February 26th. The folks here are great. I do appreciate all the therapy I have been given. Today I am pain free. Thank you Nicole for your expertise."

- JoAnn G.

JoAnn G.

"When I first started PT I was weak in my core post C-Section and sufferred severe pain in my knee. Now 4 months later I feel 100% better. All the therapists here have gone above what they needed to, to help me heal. They have even allowed me to bring my daughter to sessions. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with my experience here at Joints In Motion."

- Jaqueline T.

Jaqueline T.

"After having spinal surgery resulting from a car accident I really needed PT. Nicole gave me several exercises that have helped me regain strength in my back and legs. Using the stretching bands has helped me strengthen my arms and legs. My balance has really gotten better with Nicole's guidance on walking in a straight line. I can't say enough about Nicole and her exceptional training and guidance."

- Carolyn M.

Carolyn M.

"From the first day I walked in I was completely comfortable with the staff and their knowledge.I could not sit without pain, sleeping was not comfortable, even with pain pills. With all the exercise at the place and the homework I am completely back to myself. Jack is the best but all the employees are great."

- Christina S.

Christina S.

"My story is simple. PT dramatically improved my quality of life. My pain has lessened, my flexibility has increased, and I can do more of what I want to do. My recovery from problems (knee, hip, and back) has been steady and significant. Thanks a million."

- Danny B.

Danny B.

"When I first came to Adam I had limited motion and strength in both arms. He has addressed all my issues with knowledge that has increased my confidence. I have tears in both my rotator cuffs. I am so happy that now I have more strength and can do many activities and won't be headed to surgery. He was great with giving me the right program for my needs! I am smiling that now I can hit golf balls, the sport I love! Plus Adam made PT fun!"

- Judy C.

Judy C.

"I’m an oil painter and noticed a lot of pain while painting. Then I tore my biceps and started physical therapy with Adam at Joints In Motion. After several months of therapy and exercise I'm finally able to paint without pain and I also know exercises to strengthen my muscles so I won't have pain again. Thanks Adam!"

- Teresa J.

Teresa J.

"I had foot surgery with some complications which interrupted the normal healing process. This set back caused my toe to stiffen and pain when I walked or exercised. I found myself not able to climb steps at home without help from my husband. I even slept in the downstairs bedroom for 4 months after surgery because of the pain and swelling was so severe. So when my doctor suggested physical therapy and asked if I had a preference, I suggested Joints in Motion. I told him that I found I had responded very well with knee therapy a year ago and found the therapy so successful that I began an exercise program. He agreed and soon I began therapy with Matt, who is very knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and gentle. He helped me understand the inner workings of my foot, the areas that needed targeted therapy, along with home exercises to assist in the healing process. He listened to my concerns and worked on getting me back to my normal activities. He even worked along side my personal trainer to assisted with the therapy in my workout. I am now able to walk upstairs without any help, able to go back the gym and back to work. My toe is more flexible, the foot pain is gone and the swelling is under control. Thank you Matt and Joints in Motion for once again helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle after life's "little" set backs! "

- Liz K.

Liz K.

"Adam and his team at Joints In Motion are simply the best. After my double mastectomy and several follow up reconstruction surgeries, I had a lot of pain and limitation around my chest, shoulders and neck. I ended up with a frozen left shoulder that was very painful at times and also prevented me from doing many things that I had taken for granted. I made progress with each and every session with Adam and his team. And when a tractor trailer did the tango with my car, Adam helped me get through the whiplash I sustained. Now I am pretty much back to normal and am enjoying life!

Adam is incredibly knowledgeable and is 100% committed to helping his patients improve and sustain a high quality of life through his expertise, talent and knowledge.

I recommend Joints in Motion to anyone who is in pain or has sustained an injury that is limiting their ability to move. You WILL see positive results! Adam and Joints In Motion has impacted my life in the best possible way!"

- Erin S

"When I first started, my right shoulder/rotator cuff was giving me constant pain. As a teacher, I could not even erase the board with my right arm. Basically, I used my right arm very little due to the pain involved with moving it. I could not sleep on my right side either. I could not even lift a full glass of beverage! I experienced noticeable improvement within a few weeks, and now I am not limited by any pain or discomfort. I am so pleased. At first, I literally feared I would never be without pain. Each session did wonders for me and I am back to pre-injury status. Thank you, Jack, for all your commitment to my recovery."

- Robin R

"Joints in Motion and Ms. Katie have helped me with my knee problems a lot. They have been so nice and helpful. You never get bored because they push you and you do different things every time you come. Everyone is so nice. P.S. Ms. Katie is the best!!"

- Logan G

"When I began PT I could not move my left arm at all. My shoudler was completely frozen. The doctor gave me a choice of surgery to break the adhesions, or try physical therapy. I am so glad I opted for PT! Every therapist I worked with made sure to balance my painlevel and still make consistent gains in my range of motion. today, two months later. I have almost all of my range of motion back."

- Rick W.

"I was unable to bend my knees. Now I can. The pain is gone I am happy that I came. I really enjoyed my time working out here and feel it has been a stepping stone to getting back to where I desire to be."

- Linwood H.

"This facility is well run with talented and extremely knowledgeable therapists! The fact that they do manual therapy along with teaching you exercises to do between visits makes all the difference in the world."

- Cheryl F.

"Referred here by my ortho for shoulder rehab and could not have been more happy with the experience. Plenty of available appointments to fit my schedule and was always greeted with a smile when I walked in. Nicole pushed my limits with the exercises but didn't let me risk injury. Two months of therapy and I was back full duty with improved strength and full range of motion. Highly recommend!"

- Justin B.

"I saw Adam for lower back pain and "tennis elbow". He is an amazing Physical Therapist as is the team of therapists he has working in his clinic. He was able to teach me numerous ways to strengthen my body's imbalances and I still incorporate his methods into my daily training. As a personal trainer I had some problems with weaknesses and muscle imbalances from repetitive motions. I am a better trainer because of what I have learned from Adam and Joints in Motion."

- Heather B.

"I was always so tense in my neck and shoulders that it would cause migraines and other problems. I would also have flare ups in my lower back and knees at times, especially when I started working out and lifting weights. So I started going to Joints in Motion. Adam and Jack are awesome and helped me tremendously!!! I hold a lot of stress in my upper body and didn't even realize I kept my shoulders constantly shrugged causing tension and pain. I just finished my physical therapy last week and feel awesome! My migraines have lessened, (dry needling is amazing), I've learned proper form for working out, relaxation techniques, and correct posture. They helped me to become stronger and I am confident that I will continue to feel good by applying the techniques they taught me."

- Barbara F