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"After having rotator cuff surgery to repair 3 completely torn muscles in my left shoulder I began physical therapy at Joints In Motion in Goose Creek. Thanks to Katie Hicks and the staff at JIM after just 6 months of pt my shoulder is completely healed. I have 100% range of motion and have regained all my strength back in my shoulder. This is beyond any expectations I had prior to physical therapy. Thank You Katie for all you’ve done."
Jul 22, 2019
"I’ve been having pain, discomfort, soreness on my neck and both shoulder blades, mostly on my left side. Adam worked on me for my evaluation and first therapy session and I was feeling already better soon after. Can’t wait to go back. He is very knowledgeable and has wonderful bedside manners. He is a very pleasant person, and I trust his treatment 100%!! "
Dec 06, 2018


"Adam and his team at Joints In Motion are simply the best. After my double mastectomy and several follow up reconstruction surgeries, I had a lot of pain and limitation around my chest, shoulders and neck. I ended up with a frozen left shoulder that was very painful at times and also prevented me from doing many things that I had taken for granted. I made progress with each and every session with Adam and his team. And when a tractor trailer did the tango with my car, Adam helped me get through the whiplash I sustained. Now I am pretty much back to normal and am enjoying life!

Adam is incredibly knowledgeable and is 100% committed to helping his patients improve and sustain a high quality of life through his expertise, talent and knowledge.

I recommend Joints in Motion to anyone who is in pain or has sustained an injury that is limiting their ability to move. You WILL see positive results! Adam and Joints In Motion has impacted my life in the best possible way!"

- Erin S

"When I first started, my right shoulder/rotator cuff was giving me constant pain. As a teacher, I could not even erase the board with my right arm. Basically, I used my right arm very little due to the pain involved with moving it. I could not sleep on my right side either. I could not even lift a full glass of beverage! I experienced noticeable improvement within a few weeks, and now I am not limited by any pain or discomfort. I am so pleased. At first, I literally feared I would never be without pain. Each session did wonders for me and I am back to pre-injury status. Thank you, Jack, for all your commitment to my recovery."

- Robin R

"Joints in Motion and Ms. Katie have helped me with my knee problems a lot. They have been so nice and helpful. You never get bored because they push you and you do different things every time you come. Everyone is so nice. P.S. Ms. Katie is the best!!"

- Logan G

"When I began PT I could not move my left arm at all. My shoudler was completely frozen. The doctor gave me a choice of surgery to break the adhesions, or try physical therapy. I am so glad I opted for PT! Every therapist I worked with made sure to balance my painlevel and still make consistent gains in my range of motion. today, two months later. I have almost all of my range of motion back."

- Rick W.

"I was unable to bend my knees. Now I can. The pain is gone I am happy that I came. I really enjoyed my time working out here and feel it has been a stepping stone to getting back to where I desire to be."

- Linwood H.

"This facility is well run with talented and extremely knowledgeable therapists! The fact that they do manual therapy along with teaching you exercises to do between visits makes all the difference in the world."

- Cheryl F.

"Referred here by my ortho for shoulder rehab and could not have been more happy with the experience. Plenty of available appointments to fit my schedule and was always greeted with a smile when I walked in. Nicole pushed my limits with the exercises but didn't let me risk injury. Two months of therapy and I was back full duty with improved strength and full range of motion. Highly recommend!"

- Justin B.

"I saw Adam for lower back pain and "tennis elbow". He is an amazing Physical Therapist as is the team of therapists he has working in his clinic. He was able to teach me numerous ways to strengthen my body's imbalances and I still incorporate his methods into my daily training. As a personal trainer I had some problems with weaknesses and muscle imbalances from repetitive motions. I am a better trainer because of what I have learned from Adam and Joints in Motion."

- Heather B.

"I was always so tense in my neck and shoulders that it would cause migraines and other problems. I would also have flare ups in my lower back and knees at times, especially when I started working out and lifting weights. So I started going to Joints in Motion. Adam and Jack are awesome and helped me tremendously!!! I hold a lot of stress in my upper body and didn't even realize I kept my shoulders constantly shrugged causing tension and pain. I just finished my physical therapy last week and feel awesome! My migraines have lessened, (dry needling is amazing), I've learned proper form for working out, relaxation techniques, and correct posture. They helped me to become stronger and I am confident that I will continue to feel good by applying the techniques they taught me."

- Barbara F